Welcome to Mount Ararat Treks in Turkey

Welcome to Mount Ararat Treks in Turkey. We are a family of mountain guides who have been working in Ararat for over 50 years. We are professional Ararat’s Mountain Guides with a government guide’s license. We have many years of experience in Mt. Ararat. Our family has resided on Ararat slopes for more than 50 years. We lead the expedition also on volcanoes Suphan Dagi and Nemrut Dagi and as well as the highest peak in Iran – Damavand. You can join our Public Ararat Treks or you can come with your own group choosing one of our Ararat Treks.

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Eastern Turkey is known primarily from the highest mountain in the country – Mount Ararat. But Ararat isn’t everything, because there are many beautiful places in eastern Turkey, both monuments and landscapes. Natural sites include two volcanoes located on Turkey’s largest lake – Lake Van. One of them is Nemrut Dagi – a height of 3050 meters amsl. It is located on the west side of the lake, while the second – Suphan Dagi is located on the north side of the lake. It is 4058 meters high, which makes it the second volcano and third summit of Turkey. These places you could see on our tour Nemrut and Suphan and Ararat.

We invite you to our expeditions in Iran. This unique expedition includes two highest peaks in Iran – Mount Damavand – 5610 m amsl and Mount Alam Kuh – 4848 m amsl. There will be a possibility of relax in Iranian spa – hot springs in the mountain scenery. You are welcome! Our expedition to Damavand and Alam Kuh. It will be a wonderful adventure!