FAQ – frequently asked question

1. When does the trekking season on Ararat start and when does it finish? When is the best time to go on an expedition on Ararat?

The trekking season on Ararat lasts about three months. It starts in the middle of June and finishes in the middle of September. However, it does not mean that you can’t climb the mountain earlier or later. There is still quite a lot of snow that has not melted yet until the middle of June and sometimes even longer, so the climbing is more difficult. It is also cooler and the higher you climb, the colder it is. The same situation is at the end of September and at the beginning of October. But at this time it starts snowing. You can climb Mount Ararat in every season, although it is the best and the easiest to do in June-July-August-September.

2. Can everyone climb Ararat? Do you need to be in a good physical condition while trekking on Ararat?

Ararat is not difficult to climb. It is often said that it is a good 5-thousand-metre-tall mountain to begin an adventure with such high mountains. There aren’t big difficulties during climbing Ararat. Going up to 4200 metres above sea level does not cause many problems apart from the symptoms of altitude sickness. The peak attack day is a little bit harder – it is already high, at the beginning it is dark (we start at 2 a.m.) and from about 4800 metres above sea level there is snow and you need climbing irons. And later, it is only downhill:) But you need to be quite fit not to get exhausted.

3. What height do you start climbing Ararat from?

You start climbing Ararat from the height of about 2100 metres above sea level.

4. Is the permission on Ararat required? How can you get the permission? What documents do you need to get the permission? How much is the permission?

Yes, you need a permission. You can get it in the Turkish Embassy in your country or in Dogubayazit (it is best to contact us, we will do it). To get the permission you need a passport (a photocopy/a scanned copy). The permission costs 50 dollars.

5. How long does the expedition on Ararat last? How many days and nights do you need to spend on Ararat?

The expedition on Ararat lasts from 2 to 5 days. Everything depends on group’s willingness, on acclimatization. There are groups that climb the mountain in two days and one night. There are groups that take it easy and want to acclimatize better and so they devote 5 days and 4 nights for the whole stay. In our offer you will find 4-day and 5-day expeditions. Private groups may decide on any number of days and nights spent trekking.

6. Is special equipment needed to go trekking on Ararat? Are climbing irons and ice axes necessary? Trekking sticks? A helmet?

Trekking on Ararat is not difficult and requires (for your own comfort) trekking sticks as well as, for the last stage of climbing, crampons. Ice axes and a helmet are not necessary.

7. What places of interest can we see in the neighbourhood of Ararat? Are there any monuments near the mountain? Is it possible to organize any interesting trips ther?

The whole neighbourhood of Ararat is interesting, culturally different from Europe. There are areas inhabited by Kurds. Apart from the fact that you can see how they live, you can also visit a few Armenian (e.g. the ruins of an old Armenian Ani) and Ottoman (e.g. Ishak Pasha Palace) monuments. You can see interesting natural phenomena like e.g. the salty lake Van or hot springs Diyadin. But not only. We invite you to INTERESTING PLACES. We can help organize interesting trips in the surroundings.

8. Can we ski down from Ararat? Is Ararat a good place for ski touring? When is it the best time to go skiing on Ararat?

Of course you can ski down from Ararat. You can go ski touring for a few days reaching the height of 4500 metres above sea level or even the summit. The best time for skiing on Ararat is March – April, but it is often in January that Ararat is already totally covered in snow and ready for skiers. You can also go ski touring on Suphan Dagi, situated at the Van lake.

9. If you have any other questions write us