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Nevado de Toluca, Iztaccíhuatl, Pico de Orizaba are three volcanoes in Mexico, on the tops of which we plan to stand. The expedition is intended for all the desired new skills acquired across the Great Water. The main destination of the expeditions will be the peak of Mexico – Pico de Orizaba, in the country known as: Citlaltépet. The volcano is 5,636 m above sea level. However, before we climb to its peak, we will acclimatize by climbing two volcanoes in the nearby area. Nevado de Toluca with an altitude of 4,680 m above sea level is a volcano that will fall into the water! On his rack we take walks and contact with the air above 4,000 meters above access to the sea. Iztaccíhuatl, or White Woman, 5,230 m above sea level. to a volcano that has already been erupted. From its top we will store, among others: the neighboring 5,000-meter Popocatépetl mountain.

The expedition requires good condition. Even though we reach the peak at the very top, it is closed after an hour. You need to be prepared for a proper hike up the mountain. A pleasant experience at an altitude of over 3,500 m above sea level.

During our trips, there was no time to catch our breath while admiring Mexican monuments such as the ruins of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan, or towns such as Puebla. Our participants can participate in a ritual steam bath and taste pulque. It is a traditional, low-alcohol drink prepared from fermented agave juice. The group will have the opportunity to stay overnight in various locations: shelter, hostels and hotels. At the end you will stay (only in our program!) in an old, original hacienda built in the 17th century. During the entire trip, we taste regional cuisine. A Polish-speaking transport guide will guide you along the entire route of the expedition. During the ascent of Izataccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba you will be followed by a group of experienced guides.

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1st Day –Arrival in Mexico

Flight to Mexico City with a transfer at one of the European airports. Due to the time zone change, arrival on the same day in the capital of Mexico, meeting with the guide and group supervisor, transfer to the hotel, overnight stay.

2nd Day – Mexico City

After breakfast, visit one of the largest metropolises in the world. We will go to the historical center to visit the impressive Municipal Cathedral, the National Palace with the famous murals of Diego Rivera and see the ruins of the Aztec Empire of Tenochtitlan, built in the 14th century in the middle of Lake Texcoco. Then we will go 45 km from the capital to admire the ancient, powerful city of Teotihuacan. Return to your hotel in Mexico City.

3rd Day – Nevado de Toluca

After breakfast, drive to the top of the inactive volcano Nevado de Toluca (4,680 m above sea level), whose crater contains two lakes. Acclimatization, admiring the views while walking. Descent from the summit. Overnight in Mexico City.

4th Day – Mexico City

After breakfast, further sightseeing of the capital: we will go to the former hacienda – the Dolores Olmedo museum with works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, we will visit the artistic district of Coyoacan (“the place of coyotes”) and the handicraft and food market. Then we will take a cable car ride over the residential areas of the capital, where you can admire over 100 murals made on the roofs. Preparation for the expedition to the summit, overnight stay in Mexico City.

5th Day – Amecama – Paso Cortes – Altzomoni

Transfer to Amecameca, visiting Sacramonte, from where we will admire the panorama of Iztaccíhuatl and, if time permits, shopping at the local market. Then drive to Paso Cortes (3,600 m above sea level). From here we go to the Altzomoni shelter (4000 m above sea level), where we will stay for the night. Initial acclimatization. Overnight in a shelter.

6th Day– Acclimatization

After breakfast, we go out to acclimatize to an altitude of 4,780 m above sea level, where the Grupo de los Cien shelter is located. In the afternoon return to Altzomoni. Overnight in a shelter.

7th Day – Iztaccihuatl Summit

Early in the morning we will start a several-hour (8-10 hours) climb to the top of the Iztaccihuatl volcano – “The White Woman”. It is the third highest peak in Mexico, one of the symbols of the country, the heroine of legends, the inspiration of many famous artists. We leave on the same day. We go to Tlaxcala, where we have accommodation in a hotel built in a 17th-century hacienda.

8th Day – Tlaxcala

After breakfast we explore Tlaxcala. In the evening, those interested can participate in the “temazcal” ritual steam bath. This is a custom practiced since pre-Hispanic times. Such a ritual conducted by a shaman allows you to cleanse both the body and the mind. Overnight in a hacienda.

9th Day– Piedra Grande Shelter

After breakfast, we start the trip to the Orizaba peak. We drive 4×4 cars to an altitude of 4,240 m above sea level. to the Piedra Grande shelter, where we spend the night and acclimatize.

10th Day – Acclimatization

After breakfast, we set off for acclimatization. We climb to an altitude of 4,700 m above sea level to acclimatize. On the same day, we go down to the shelter to eat a warm meal and check in before the attack on the summit. Overnight in a shelter.

11th Day – Pico de Orizaba Summit

Around 1 a.m., together with a mountain guide, we start climbing. After a few hours (around 9-10 am) we should reach the highest peak in Mexico and one of the highest in America. Pico de Orizaba, or the Starry Mountain, is 5,636 m above sea level. On the same day, we go down to the shelter and drive 4×4 cars to the town of Tlachichuca. Overnight in Tlachichuca.

12th Day – Relaxation day in Tepoztlan

After breakfast, transfer to Puebla, where we will visit the historical center inscribed on the UNESCO list. Then we go to Tepoztlan. After arriving at the hotel, rest and swim in the pool. A walk around the city, overnight stay at the hotel.

13th Day – Xochicalco

Breakfast and then transfer to the archaeological zone of Xochicalco. This well-preserved pre-Columbian city has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then we go to Las Estacas (or another swimming area), where there are natural thermal springs. We rest and bathe surrounded by nature. Return to the hotel in Tepoztlan.

14th Day – Tepoztlan

After breakfast, tour of the town, opportunity to climb Mount Tepozteco. At the top there are ruins of pre-Hispanic temples from the 12th century. We visit the local market and walk around the city. Overnight in Tepoztlan.

15th Day – Mexico City and flight to Warsaw

After breakfast, we return to the capital of Mexico. If time allows, we will stop in Xochimilco, a district included on the UNESCO list. We will also go on an hour-long cruise on colorful boats between pre-Hispanic gardens to the rhythm of mariachis. We go to the airport and fly to Poland. Flight to Warsaw with a transfer at one of the European airports.

16th Day – Return home

End of the expedition. Flight back home.


Planned tour on autumn 2024. More details soon. If you are interested, please contact us to sign you to our list of interested participants.


  • licensed guide in Mexico
  • mountain guide during trekking to Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl
  • transport according to the program
  • accommodation according to the program
  • meals according to the program
  • entrance tickets to the facilities mentioned in the program
  • one-hour boat cruise in Xochimilco to the rhythm of mariachi music
  • mountain equipment
  • seminar on glacier climbing before climbing Pico de Orizaba

Extra services

  • flights
  • food not mentioned in the program, snacks during trekking
  • additional trips
  • attractions not included in the program,
  • attractions additionally paid (e.g. temazcal)
  • fees for filming in archaeological zones (45 pesos per day)
  • tips
  • and other necessary expenses

DETAILS and more information about costs are sent by e-mail. Please contact us.


  • overseas trip
  • the highest peak – Orizaba
  • Mexico City
  • UNESCO pearl – Puebla
  • pre-Hispanic monuments
  • temazcal – traditional steam bath
  • regional food
  • pulque – a traditional agave drink
  • pre- and post-holiday dates
  • certificates confirming reaching the peaks