Mount Aragats

TREKKING among ARMENIA’S VOLCANOS – Azhdahak, Spitakasar, Nazeli and ARAGATS

About the tour

The tour is for all who wants to discover Armenia from mountain side, but also from historical side. We will explore unique and rarely visitedGegham Mountains, where we can admire breathtaking views of lakes and volcanos. We will sleep next to the lakes. During our tour we will reach 3000 meters volcanos: Azhdakhak (3597 m)Nazeli (3312 m) and Spitakasar (3555 m). And also we will trek to the highest peak of Armenia – Aragats (4095 m.a.s.l.). Aragats has 4 peaks – each of them has different height. We will try to reak 2 of them – Northern and Eastern.

We will visit few famous monuments of Armenia, for example Khor Virap – the monastery well known from postcards which is located almost at the foot of Mount Ararat. During the tour we will be able to see both: Little Ararat and Big Ararat (called by Armenians Masis) from almost every place we visit. Mount Ararat currently is in Turkey but historically and spiritually it’s name as Holly Mount for Armenians.

Tour “Trekking among Armenia’s volcanos” is for active people who are ready for several hours of hiking and sleeping in the tent in Gegham Mountains 😉 At the day of ascending two peaks of Aragats we will have long hike – several hours. We will start from 3000 m.a.s.l. and we will finish above 4000 m.a.s.l., which means almost 1000 meters to go up (and then go down)!


1st Day – Arrival to Yerevan

Early morning arrival to Yerevan. Accommodation in hotel or guest house. Chill day in Yerevan and short excursion. Overnight in Yerevan.

2nd Day – Yerevan – Lake Akna

Transfer to village Sevaberd. From there we start our road to the direction of Lake Akna at an altitude of 3030 meters above sea level – distance of 12 km. This is not technically difficult trail which takes us aroun 5-6 hours. After we reach the lake we set up the tents and we prepare dinner together. Overnight in the tents. (Duration of hiking: 5-6 hours; distance: 12 km)

3rd Day – Volcano Azhdahak – Lake Kaput

We prepare breakfast together. Then we start our hike to Volcano Azhdahak (3597 m). From the highest peak of Gegham Mountains, there is a great view to a close and far surroundings. We descent from the peak and go to Lake Kaput. After we reach the lake we set up the tents and we prepare dinner together. Overnight in the tents next to the lake. (Duration of hiking: 8-9 hours; distance: 22 km)

4th Day – From Lake Kaput to Lake Vank

We prepare breakfast together. Then we are going to reach two other volcanos on our way. First we hike to the Volcano Nazeli (3312 m) and then to Volcano Spitakasar (3555 m). After descending from the mountains we still have few hours of wander to Lake Vank. There we set up the tents and we prepare dinner together. Overnight in the tents next to the lake. (Duration of hiking: 10 hours; distance: 16 km)

5th Day – From the lake to the town

After our camp breakfast we start to descent. We have around 13 km to walk till we reach Geghard. There we take a car to go to Geghard monastery – one of the most beautiful monastery in Armenia. Then we go to village Garni, where we visit ancient pagan temple. Over night in guest house or local hotel.

6th Day – From town to the mountains

After breakfast we go to – well known from postcards – monastery Khor Virap, located next to border with Turkey. When weather is good we can see the Mount Ararat. Then we go to the direction of Mount Aragac; on the way we visit monastery complex in Etchmiadzin and ruins of 7th century cathedral Zvartnots. Later we reach our hotel Aragats – by the way, located in the village Aragats which is at the foot of our goal – the Mount Aragats. It is at the altitude of approx. 2000 meters above sea level. We eat dinner and sleep in comfortable conditions before our summit trekking.

7th Day – Northern Peak

We eat breakfast at the hotel and then we go by car at the altitude of approx. 3000 m. From there we trek up to the highest peak of Aragats – Northern Peak (4095 m) and later – if we have wish and enough of energy left – to the Eastern Peak (3912 m). After that we descent to hotel Aragats where we eat dinner. Today again we will sleep in comfortable beds in the hotel. (Duration: 9-12 hours).

8th Day – Yerevan

After breakfast we pack and leave the mountains. On the way we visit 12th century monastery complex Saghmosavank. Then we go to Yerevan where we have time which we can use for sightseeing the city. In the evening we have farewell dinner together. This day we do not have accommodation at hotel but we wait until flight which is early morning.

9th Day – The end of the tour. Flight home.*

Transfer to the airport and early morning flight. End of our tour.

*Flights are without the presence of ARARATTREK team.

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24.06 – 02.07.2023 Available spots!

02.09 – 10.09.2023 Available spots!

Other dates are available for request for groups of min. 6 people

Our PRICE PACKAGE includes everything what is necessary:

Price includes:

  • local English speaking mountain guide
  • transport as described in the plan
  • meals in the mountains
  • accommodation as described in the plan
  • transport of the luggage in Gegham Mountains
  • entrance tickets
  • camp equipment (tents, gas stoves)

Not included costs:

  • flights
  • insurance
  • meals other than during trekking
  • additional accommodation
  • additional excursion
  • other costs

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  • trekking for everybody
  • 2 peaks of Aragats
  • desolate Gegham Mountains
  • unforgettable camps
  • postcard view of Khor Virap
  • view at two Ararats
  • Armenian monuments
  • certificate of reaching the Aragats summit