No holiday plans and unused leave still waiting? If you are looking for unusual and not yet fully discovered by a lot of tourists places where you can experience an unforgettable holiday, visit Armenia! This country, located between Turkey and Azerbaijan, is a real treat for lovers of history, architecture, art, folklore, beautiful landscapes and active forms of spending time – such as trekking. The number of attractions available on site makes it impossible to get bored during both a short and longer stay in this charming place. What do tourists in Armenia appreciate most of all? Without a doubt, it is the wonderful nature, untouched by human hands, and the majestic monasteries. Which of them are particularly worth visiting? Check it out!

The most interesting monasteries in Armenia

What makes these monuments have such great historical and cultural value? The construction of some of them began a long time ago (even at the beginning of our era), and in the following years they were systematically improved and enlarged. The most famous religious buildings in Armenia are:

Temple of Garni – a unique building dating back to the 1st century. It is largely different from the monasteries that were later established in Armenia. It looks exotic, and is quite well preserved and very impressive. It was probably built in honor of Mithras – the sun god. According to another theory, it served as the mausoleum of an Armenian king of Roman origin;

• Geghard monastery – when planning a visit to the Garni temple, it is also worth visiting this monastery. Due to its location, it usually makes a great impression on visitors – its rooms are carved in the rocks;

• Tatev – this building is of particular historical importance for Armenians, because over the years the spiritual and scientific activities conducted there have developed dynamically, and during the Soviet invasion, the building was an important center of resistance. When visiting this monastery, it is also worth using the mountain railway (the longest in the world), from which you can admire extraordinary views from a height of 320 meters.

• Noravank – is a religious building dating from the 9th-10th centuries, which was expanded in the following years. Due to the charming landscapes surrounding it, it is often one of the points of trips organized by tourists or travel agencies.

The largest lake in Armenia – Sevan

During a trip to Armenia, it is worth combining visiting monasteries with enjoying the beauty of nature in which they are usually located. A place eagerly visited by tourists is the Sevanawank religious building, from which there is a breathtaking view of Lake Sevan. This reservoir is located at an altitude of approximately 1,900 m above sea level. and protected by a national park. It has an area of 1,260 km² and its greatest depth is 80 m. Sevan is an endorheic lake, i.e. with no outflow, and 28 rivers flow into it. Wouldn’t it be nice to stand on the shore of this body of water and take a souvenir photo?

In addition to the tourist attractions that you must visit when going on a trip to Armenia, it is also worth getting acquainted with local folklore and regional cuisine. When it comes to these two issues, the country offers visitors a really wide choice. So remember to taste traditional dishes and maybe learn one of the many Armenian folk dances? We encourage you to take full advantage of the charms of Armenia!