Many people associate Turkey with a tourist destination suitable for summer, spring or early autumn. For some, this country is a vision of relaxing on the coast or visiting the most famous cities such as Istanbul, Ankara or Bodrum. Tourists often do not take Turkey into account when planning trips in winter, and…  this is a big mistake! Why? Well, this country offers plenty of attractions also in winter.

Ski tour trips to Turkey are very popular and the difficulty level of the routes will meet the expectations of advanced people. It’s an opportunity to test your skills, admire breathtaking landscapes and conquer peaks. During this type of expeditions you can also meet many interesting people and make new contacts. It is undoubtedly worth going on ski tours for advanced users!

What is ski touring?

Although this term is quite popular today, not everyone knows what it really means. Is it a sport for everyone? Well, ski tours are a type of skiing that is practiced outside ski resorts. Moreover, it requires specialized equipment, because the advanced version includes climbing to high altitudes, not only overcoming hills and passes, but also conquering peaks. Where is it worth practicing this sport? There is no need to leave the country to go on such a trip, as many interesting trails are located in Poland, but lovers of exotic destinations willingly go ski touring to Turkey. There are plenty of routes to choose from, which can be modified depending on your preferences and the capabilities of your expedition companions or weather conditions. All-day hikes through snow-covered trails, overnight stays in camps set up at high altitudes and extraordinary views – this is an ideal proposition for fans of the power of nature, snow and winter!

The most interesting suggestions for ski touring routes – Kaçkar

The mysterious Pontic Mountains – Kaçkar range, offering many unforgettable adventures and full of routes for advanced users, is located in the north-eastern part of Turkey. There are no crowds of tourists here, which means you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes during ski tours in peace and harmony. This is a proposition for people who have already done similar trips, because the Pontic Mountains require good fitness and preparation. Often, when traversing them, the altitude exceeds 3,000 m above sea level. Therefore, ski touring through the Kaçkar range should be undertaken by people who know their capabilities and are equipped with fully functional, good quality equipment.

Conquering peaks – ski touring on Ararat

Usually, the goal of a mountain expedition is to reach the peak. It is much more difficult to do this in winter conditions, especially… on skis! Nevertheless, it is a tempting prospect and attracts many daredevils. This is why ski tours in Ararat are so popular. When organizing this type of trip, it is important to reserve an extra day. Sometimes it happens that due to bad weather conditions, the summit attack on the famous Mount Ararat cannot take place. Within a few or a dozen or so hours of waiting in the camp, the situation can change dramatically and reaching the peak is possible. After all, safety during ski touring trips is the basis for building pleasant memories from such trips.

How to prepare for ski touring in Turkey?

The Turkish mountains offer routes suitable for skiing by volunteers with experience in this type of sport. First of all, they are aware of their own abilities, they will know how their body reacts to a change in altitude and they are in good physical condition. When it comes to preparing for advanced ski tours, fitness and endurance training, hiking and running will certainly help. Moreover, such an expedition cannot take place without special thermal clothing and professional equipment.

It is worth going on ski tours with a proven organizer who, in the event of bad weather conditions, will propose an alternative route and will ensure the safety of participants as a priority. Obviously, we are inviting you to our tours, which we are organizing for years and it gives us huge experience. Let’s go ski touring! 🙂